The World
Marketing Summit 2022

Setelah menyelenggarakan World Marketing Summit (WMS) secara online di tahun 2020 dan 2021 yang menampilkan ratusan pembicara dari puluhan negara dan diikuti jutaan peserta. Tahun 2022, Bapak Pemasaran Modern Dunia, Philip Kotler Mengajak Pemikir dan praktisi pemasaran dunia berbagi Konsep dan ide memcahkan tantangan bisnis dan permasalahan global 2022 - 2031

November 06 - 07th, 2022






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World Marketing Summit 2022


Setelah menyelenggarakan World Marketing Summit (WMS) secara online di tahun 2020 dan 2021 yang menampilkan ratusan pembicara dari puluhan negara dan diikuti jutaan peserta, mulai tahun 2022 Bapak Pemasaran Modern Dunia Philip Kotler menggunakan WMS sebagai upaya perwujudan visi 2031.

Philip Kotler yang 27 Mei 2022 tepat berusia 91 tahun mengajak pemikir dan praktisi pemasaran berbagi konsep dan ide memecahkan tantangan bisnis dan permasalahan global 2022 – 2031.

Apa saja konsep dan ide Philip Kotler, Peter Drucker, David Aaker, Al Ries, Henry Minztberg, Herman Simmons, Hermawan Kartajaya, Iwan Setiawan dan ratusan pembicara lainnya untuk eWMS 2022?



Father of Modern Marketing
Management Guru (earlier video talk) USA
Father of Modern Branding USA
Positioning Guru (earlier video talk) USA
Management Guru Canada
Chairman Simon-Kucher Partners Germany
Co-Author Marketing 4.0 & Founder MarkPlus Indonesia
CEO of Marketeers Indonesia


Electronic World Marketing Summit, 6-7 November 2022

Prof. Philip Kotler


Is Marketing Compatible with Sustainable world?

06 November 2022 07:01:00 GMT+7

Sadia Kibria


Integrating Sustainability into Education

06 November 2022 07:22:00 GMT+7

Raja Rajamannar

Global Chief Marketing & Communication officer, Mastercard, USA

The “ Futura” of Marketing

06 November 2022 07:35:00 GMT+7

Marshall Goldsmith

Executive Leadership coach, USA

How to create positive difference?

06 November 2022 08:00:00 GMT+7

Dr. Vinnie Jauhari

Director Learning & Skills, Microsoft India

Achieving Impact for Sustainability: building New Frontiers in Marketing

06 November 2022 08:22:00 GMT+7

Mauro Porcini

Chief Design Officer, PepsiCo, USA

Human-centred Design Driven approach

06 November 2022 08:52:00 GMT+7

David Aaker


Branding Role in Disruptive Innovation

06 November 2022 09:25:00 GMT+7

Fabrizio Gavelli

Managing Director, Danone, Italy

Food Revolution: One Health to One Planet

06 November 2022 09:42:00 GMT+7

Prof. Hermann Simon

Founder, HermannSimon, Germany

Hidden Champions – Pioneers in Sustainability

06 November 2022 09:48:00 GMT+7

Muriel Penicaud

OECD Ambassador for France

Sustainable Goals: new competitive advantage or impossible convergence of economic, environmental and social performance.

06 November 2022 10:13:00 GMT+7

Hermawan Kartajaya

Founder Mark Plus, Indonesia

Human 5.0

06 November 2022 10:45:00 GMT+7

Prof. Russell Belk

York University, Canada

Imagining the Metaverse: Web3, NFTs and Crypto

06 November 2022 11:08:00 GMT+7

Richard Straub

Founder and President, Global Peter Drucker Forum

Sustainability beyond the hype

06 November 2022 11:40:00 GMT+7

Stefania Pertusi

Vice President Sustainability, TetraPak, Italy

Promoting Talent & Sustainable Mentoring

06 November 2022 12:03:00 GMT+7

Jonathan Hall

CEO Sustainable Transformation Practices, Kantar, USA

How to create meaningful sustainable marketing interventions.

06 November 2022 12:14:00 GMT+7

Gareth Presch

Founder & CEO World Health Innovation Summit,UK

World Health Innovation Summit Platform for sustainable development

06 November 2022 12:30:00 GMT+7

Prof. Henry Mintzberg

McGill University, Canada

Rebalancing the Modern Society

06 November 2022 13:04:00 GMT+7

Peter Drucker (Late)

Management Guru, USA

An interview with Iconic Peter Drucker

06 November 2022 13:20:00 GMT+7


06 November 2022 14:10:00 GMT+7

H.E. Governor Hidehiko Yuzaki

Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan

Hiroshima Prefectures Peace Promotion Efforts

06 November 2022 14:30:00 GMT+7

Sadayoshi Fujishige

President Japan Marketing Association

Marketing with Empathy and Inspiration: Marketing Perspectives for Creating a Sustainable Future

06 November 2022 14:43:00 GMT+7

Miki Kanoh

Executive Officer Corporate Affairs, Nestle Japan

NESCAFÉ Sustainability Journey

06 November 2022 14:56:00 GMT+7

Hiroshi Igarashi

President Dentsu, Japan

Scalable Impact Created by Dentsu Group

06 November 2022 15:10:00 GMT+7

Denis Rothman

Expert on Artificial intelligence, France

Generating Profit through AI-driven Sustainability Optimization

06 November 2022 15:35:00 GMT+7

Prof. Angela Y Lee

Northwestern University, USA

Sustainability in Marketing

06 November 2022 15:58:00 GMT+7

Prof. David Reibstein

Wharton Business School, USA

Marketing Changes to meet the sustainability goals

06 November 2022 16:10:00 GMT+7

Basak Karaca

Vice President Coca Cola, Turkey

Culture and Growth Behaviours for a sustainable future

06 November 2022 16:35:00 GMT+7

Linden Brown

Founder MarketCulture, Australia

Measuring what matters

06 November 2022 17:00:00 GMT+7

H.E. Adham Baba

Minister of Science, Technology & Innovation, Malaysia

Building High-Tech Nation with Sustainable Practices

06 November 2022 17:08:00 GMT+7

Irfan Wahab

CEO Telenor

Telenor’s story of innovation: Connection with Purpose

06 November 2022 17:18:00 GMT+7

Dilhan C. Fernando

CEO Dilmah Ceylon Tea, Sri Lanka

Taste and goodness with purpose. The story of Dilmah Tea

06 November 2022 17:36:00 GMT+7


Corporate Executive Officer,Transcosmos Inc.

The Future Opened with Loyalty Marketing through 5A-based CX

06 November 2022 17:56:00 GMT+7

Thomas Kolster

Director Goodvertising, Denmark

The Key to meaningful growth: people, not purpose

06 November 2022 18:16:00 GMT+7

Darren Coleman

Managing Consultant Wavelength Marketing,UK

Building a sustainable brand: Practical advice and insights

06 November 2022 18:36:00 GMT+7

H.E. Dr. Dipu Moni

Minister of Education, Bangladesh

The road to development begins with education

06 November 2022 19:05:00 GMT+7

Iwan Setiwan

CEO Marketeers

Marketing 6.0: Marketing in the Metaverse

06 November 2022 19:10:00 GMT+7

Steve Wunker

MD New Markets Advisor, USA

Jobs to be Done: A roadmap for customer centred innovation

06 November 2022 19:25:00 GMT+7

Raul Amigo

CEO & President UMUNTU SAS, Colombia

Designing future value: Changing today for making a sustainable world tomorrow

06 November 2022 19:54:00 GMT+7

Dr. Ghada Aldress

Customer Experience Measurement, Ministry of Culture, Saudi Arabia (Arabic)

Customer Experience Measurement

06 November 2022 20:15:00 GMT+7


06 November 2022 20:29:00 GMT+7

Fariz Jafarov

Director E-Gov Development Center, Azerbaijan

Meta services from one-stop shop to non-stop shop

06 November 2022 20:30:00 GMT+7

Prof. Jagdish Sheth

Emory University, USA

what drives Cultural Differences

06 November 2022 20:50:00 GMT+7

Valeria Paiggio

Global Head, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion ,Kantar

The next frontier for marketing leaders: Pushing for equity in representation

06 November 2022 21:08:00 GMT+7

Güven Borça

Founder Markam Danışmanlık , Turkey

Branding in developing countries

06 November 2022 21:23:00 GMT+7

Anne Rupp

Global Director Environment Simon Kucher & partners, Germany

ESG at Simon Kucher & the effectiveness of social governance in protecting the environment

06 November 2022 21:46:00 GMT+7

Rob Wolcott

Founder TWIN Global, USA

Proximity, AI & the Metaverse

06 November 2022 22:13:00 GMT+7

Kelly Goldsmith

Owen Graduate School of Management, Vanderbilt University, USA

Understanding Scarcity

06 November 2022 22:36:00 GMT+7

Martha Rogersco Founder Don Peppers, USA


The Important Lesson Marketers Must Learn from Quantum Physics

06 November 2022 23:00:00 GMT+7

Dr. Dominique Hanssens & Dr. Mirei Takashima Claremon

5 insights to turn sustainability into a business asset

06 November 2022 23:31:00 GMT+7

AnnSofie Gunnarsson

Chief Sustainability Officer & Social Activist, Boxon Group

Designed for positive change

06 November 2022 23:51:00 GMT+7

Dr. Chris L. Brown

CEO MarketCulture Strategies, USA

What great leaders do to create sustainable customer-centric cultures.

07 November 2022 00:00:00 GMT+7

H.E. Ozgul Ozkan

Deputy Minister of Culture & Tourism, Turkey

How can marketing serve Sustainability?

07 November 2022 00:14:00 GMT+7

Prof. Velimir Srica

President ELITE, Croatia

“Relearnification”: Changing Education to change the world

07 November 2022 00:29:00 GMT+7

Dick Pouwels

Chairman Executive Board Hanze University, Netherlands

Sustainable research and education: regionally Engaged

07 November 2022 00:45:00 GMT+7

Gherado Magri

CEO Vaillant Group Italy

Sustainable Marketing Approach

07 November 2022 01:05:00 GMT+7

Pablo Fernandez

Marketing Director Kotler Impact, LATAM


07 November 2022 01:13:00 GMT+7

Ynzo van Zanten

Chief Evangelist at Tonys Chocolonely, Netherlands

Lets talk about the purpose of purpose

07 November 2022 01:30:00 GMT+7

H.E. Dr. Suvit Maesincee

ex. Minister of Higher Education, Thailand

Post-Covid19 World Crisis and Structural Changes

07 November 2022 02:11:00 GMT+7

Boojong Kim

President Asia Marketing Federation

K-Pop and Global Branding

07 November 2022 02:20:00 GMT+7

Prof. Sandra Vandermerwe

Imperial College London, UK

Making waste into the new marketing opportunity

07 November 2022 02:44:00 GMT+7


07 November 2022 03:06:00 GMT+7

Nancy Nemes

Founder Humanaize, Germany

Green AI: How AI is reminding Humans that we should care

07 November 2022 03:35:00 GMT+7

Eng. Rana AlDababaneh

Chief Sustainability Officer Orange, Jordan

Responsible role of Brands for a meaningful sustainable change

07 November 2022 03:40:00 GMT+7

Elena Hurtado

Corporate Intangible Management and Strategic Communication Advisor (Spanish Only)

Management of Corporate Intangibles

07 November 2022 03:56:00 GMT+7

Gabriele Carboni

CEO Weevo, Italy

Caterpillar brands - Harnessing sustainable marketing to make an impact

07 November 2022 04:04:00 GMT+7

Sally ElAkkad

Head of E-commerce Electrolux, Egypt & Libya

The shopping metamorphosis

07 November 2022 04:12:00 GMT+7

Hiroo Saionji

President of the GOI Peace Foundation, Japan

Marketing Peace Consciousness to Create a Sustainable World

07 November 2022 04:19:00 GMT+7

Dr. Hibah Shata

Managing Director Maharat Learning, UAE

How I defeated Autism: Building sustainable Social Model

07 November 2022 04:34:00 GMT+7

Akan Abdula

Founder FutureBright Group of Companies, Turkey

Deep consumer waves in the region:The matter of Sustainability

07 November 2022 04:50:00 GMT+7

Marianne Van Keep

CSO Verstegen, Netherland

We want to change the world and we want to do it together

07 November 2022 05:05:00 GMT+7

Omer Senguler

CEO Global Brands, Turkey

Marketing For Humanity

07 November 2022 05:20:00 GMT+7

Camila Escobar

CEO Juan Valdez Café

The Branding Journey of Colombian Coffee

07 November 2022 05:35:00 GMT+7

H.E. Zunaid Ahmed Palak

State Minister of ICT Division, Bangladesh


07 November 2022 05:51:00 GMT+7

Enver Yucel

President BAU Global, Turkey (Turkish Only)

Local awakening for sustainable development

07 November 2022 06:01:00 GMT+7

Arif Ul Islam

Deputy CEO Meezan Bank

Achieving Sustainability Goals through Business Goal Rethinking.’

07 November 2022 06:10:00 GMT+7

Haesun Lee

Chairman Korea Marketing Association

Neuromarketing: A sense of transcedence

07 November 2022 06:18:00 GMT+7

Dr. Stefano Bartoli

Director Centro Di Terapia Strategica Italy

Human relations as a winning element of the near future of business

07 November 2022 06:33:00 GMT+7

Maher Mezher

Founder & CEO Innovators League

Human Prosperity at centre stage of Global Sustainability

07 November 2022 06:40:00 GMT+7

Mr. Hiroaki ASHITANI

Operating Officer Research and Development & Keiichi YOSHINO - Operating Officer of ESG promotion and Corporate Communication, Lotte Co., Ltd.

The Future of Sustainable Chocolate

07 November 2022 06:49:00 GMT+7

Makiko ONO

Managing Executive Officer, Chief Sustainability Officer, Suntory Holdings

Suntory: Our Approach toward Water Sustainability for our brands

07 November 2022 07:02:00 GMT+7

Dr. V Kumar

International Marketing Co. USA

What is the right number of salespeople to manage? An Empirical Investigation

07 November 2022 07:20:00 GMT+7

Dr. Ron Daniels

CEO UK Sepsis Trust, UK


07 November 2022 07:40:00 GMT+7

Wouter Bakker

CEO Good Up, Netherland

GoodUp the world - how leading companies activate their purpose statement

07 November 2022 08:10:00 GMT+7

Tokomo Kawakami

Professor at Waseda University, Japan

Marketing and Social Innovation: Redefinition for the Better World

07 November 2022 08:31:00 GMT+7

Nuno Alexandre Teixeira

Managing Partner Data Tailors, Portugal

Sustainability by (Marketing) Design

07 November 2022 08:55:00 GMT+7

Egbert Dommerholt

Professor at Hanze University, Netherland

Sustainable Marketing: Oxymoron or Tautology?

07 November 2022 09:20:00 GMT+7

Sirin Karadeniz

Vice Chancellor BAC University, Turkey

Redesigning Global Education for a better World

07 November 2022 09:55:00 GMT+7

Ana Beatriz Hernandez Lara

Google Scholar, Universität Rovira i Virgili, Spain

Learning analytics applied to experiential learning: Towards the improvement of education quality using business games

07 November 2022 10:22:00 GMT+7

Marc Oliver Opresnik

CRO Kotler Impact, Germany

Marketing and Negotiation

07 November 2022 10:38:00 GMT+7

H.E. Mossier Rahman

Economic Advisor to Prime Minister of Bangladesh

Sustaining our economic growth for a better society

07 November 2022 11:05:00 GMT+7

Elia Guardiola

Chief Executive Officer Serendipia, Spain

Use emotional storytelling to promote sustainability goals

07 November 2022 11:25:00 GMT+7

Tariq Qureshi

Founder Exponential, UAE

Being human in a digital world

07 November 2022 11:30:00 GMT+7

Luiz Moutinho

Marketing & Management Futurecast, Portugal

Future-oriented Sustainable Technology

07 November 2022 11:50:00 GMT+7

Karla Menezes

Neuromaketing Researcher & e-learning Coordinator IPAM, Portugal

How water and oil: marketing and sustainability dont mix?

07 November 2022 12:16:00 GMT+7

Dr. Amir Shahrokhi

Executive Chairman MANA, Iran

A Multiplication View

07 November 2022 12:35:00 GMT+7

Irem Sefa Yayımlar

Person Brand Creator, Turkey

Personal Branding to Break Glass Ceilings

07 November 2022 12:52:00 GMT+7

Dr. Abdullah Yousuf

Chairman NUB Group, Bangladesh

Ethical Marketing

07 November 2022 13:10:00 GMT+7

Istvan Kapitany

Global EVP Mobility Shell UK


07 November 2022 13:27:00 GMT+7

H.E. Dr. Arif Alvi

President of Pakistan

Welcome Message

07 November 2022 13:40:00 GMT+7

Masato AOKI

Corporate Officer, Hakuhodo Inc

The Power of Marketing Can Empower the Society and Consumers

07 November 2022 13:55:00 GMT+7

Mario Silic

President Swiss School of Business & Management, Geneva

The importance and future of online education in the next century

07 November 2022 14:05:00 GMT+7

Prof. Figen Yilidirim

Istanbul Commerce University, Turkey

Connection between marketing and sustainability

07 November 2022 14:25:00 GMT+7

Dr. Thomas Foscht

Karl-Franzens University Graz, Austria

Is the wheel of retailing still turning? A strategic outlook for the retail industry

07 November 2022 14:45:00 GMT+7

Jan Beyne

Sustainable Development Specialist Antwerp Management School, Belgium

Time for Honest Communication

07 November 2022 15:05:00 GMT+7

Kamran Z. Rizvi

Co-founder Carnelian , Pakistan

Align with Nature - The Time is Now!

07 November 2022 15:20:00 GMT+7

Mariusz Soltanifar

Director Kotler Impact Poland & Benelux

Breaking Through marketing 7.0 For A Broken World

07 November 2022 15:40:00 GMT+7

Ray Titus

Professor at Alliance School of Business, India

Sustainablilty and marketing

07 November 2022 16:00:00 GMT+7

Yasir Azman

CEO Grameenphone, Bangladesh

The journey of Grameenphone: Towards a sustainable, developed Bangladesh

07 November 2022 16:26:00 GMT+7

Nalin Karunaratne

CEO Caylone Biscuits Ltd, Sri Lanka

Creating enriching moments of happiness for people

07 November 2022 16:44:00 GMT+7

Dr. Adam Rudawski

University of Szczecin Poland

New Media - is it really a promise of sustainability?

07 November 2022 16:55:00 GMT+7

Fernando Poma

Managing Director, Real Hotel & Resorts

Emotional Marketing for Competitive Advantage

07 November 2022 17:09:00 GMT+7

Amira khttack

Associate Chair, Prince Sultan University, Saudi Arabia

Integration of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into the Marketing Program

07 November 2022 17:28:00 GMT+7

Omer Torlak

Istanbul Ticaret University, Turkey

Virtue Oriented Marketing for a Sustainable World

07 November 2022 17:42:00 GMT+7

Edyta Rudawska

Professor of Marketing University of Szczecin, Poland

Sustainability marketing - is it still something “nice to have” or already “must have” for organizations?

07 November 2022 17:59:00 GMT+7

Milton Kotler (Late)

Business Speaker

to-be-announced (tba)

07 November 2022 18:19:00 GMT+7

Francisco Gallego

Director of Sustainability School, Catholica University, Chile

Sustainability Challenges and marketing: an academic view from the South

07 November 2022 18:47:00 GMT+7

Igor Mann

Synergy Business School, Russia

Building Trust

07 November 2022 19:11:00 GMT+7

Gautam Mahajan

President Value Foundation, India

Creating Value Through Sustainability

07 November 2022 19:30:00 GMT+7

Cleopatra Veloutsou

Adam Smith School, University of Glasgow

Brand management and sustainability agenda

07 November 2022 19:47:00 GMT+7


07 November 2022 20:15:00 GMT+7

Dr. Mazliham Bin Mohd

President Multimedia University, Malaysia

How Covid-19 has changed Academia?

07 November 2022 20:34:00 GMT+7

Dr. Daw Hla Mynit

Emeritus Professor, Myanmar

Social Enterprises

07 November 2022 20:36:00 GMT+7

Sungho Lee

University of Seoul, Korea

to-be-announced (tba)

07 November 2022 20:45:00 GMT+7

Dr. Swati Mujumdar

Pro-Chancellor, Symbiosis Skills Universities, India

to-be-announced (tba)

07 November 2022 20:57:00 GMT+7

Nader Raftari

CEO Rafter Group (Farsi Only)

"What made us sustainable for over a century

07 November 2022 21:17:00 GMT+7

Farzad Moghaddam

Founder The Branding Agency, Iran (Farsi Only)

Sustainability Branding on Indeterminacy Conditions

07 November 2022 GMT+7

H.E. Aawatif Hayar

Minister of Solidarity, Social Inclusion & Family, Morocco (Arabic Only)

to-be-announced (tba)

07 November 2022 GMT+7

Dr.Intisar Soghayroun Elzein Soghayroun

General Secretary of the union of afro-asia university, Sudan (Arabic Only)

Challenges and solutions for womens entrepreneurship in Sudan

07 November 2022 GMT+7

Dr. Rafat Jallad

Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences An-Najah National University, Palestine (Arabic Only)

to-be-announced (tba)

07 November 2022 GMT+7

Dr. Obaid Al Abdali

Expert on Consumer Dynamics, Saudi Arabia (Arabic Only)

Future of Marketing

07 November 2022 GMT+7

Dr. Demah Alfakhri

Assistant Professor of Marketing, Saudi Arabia (Arabic Only)

The Power of Design in Marketing

07 November 2022 GMT+7

Dr. Abdullahi Megdad

CEO Mega Group, Saudi Arabia (Arabic Only)

Marketing and Sustainability

07 November 2022 GMT+7

Abdulaziz Alshamsan

Executive General Director of Customer Experience at the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, Saudi Arabia (Arabic Only)

Marketing in the customer experience age

07 November 2022 GMT+7

Fadel AlNassar

CEO Franchise Me, Saudi Arabia (Arabic Only)

Franchising Sustainability

07 November 2022 GMT+7

Alessandro Mazzu

Personal Branding Strategist, Italy (Italian Only)

The brand called “YOU”

07 November 2022 GMT+7

Sandra Sotillo

Founder & CEO of Trust Maker, Spain (Spanish Only)

Building Trust Through Sustainability Strategy: Dos and Donts

07 November 2022 GMT+7

Carlos Aires

CEO Marketing Jazz, Spain

07 November 2022 GMT+7

Claudio Flores Thomas

CEO, Altazor Intelligence (Spanish Only)

New generations, new paradigms for content consumption

07 November 2022 GMT+7

Jorge Ruiz Escamilla

Director of Botmaker México and founding partner at ISDI México (Spanish Only)

Digital transformation in new ecosystems

07 November 2022 GMT+7

Pepe Becker

Co Founder, Partner and CCO BeSo by LLYC (Spanish Only)

Busines creativity

07 November 2022 GMT+7

Adriana Arismendi

Corporate Vicepresident of Marketing and Digital Sales - Bancolombia (Spanish Only)

Breaking rules… trascending for a common good

07 November 2022 GMT+7

Engel Fonseca

Founder Neurona Digital (Spanish Only)

Marketing neuroscience < data driven >

07 November 2022 GMT+7

Josué González

Managing Partner at EPA Digital (Spanish Only)

Marketing AI

07 November 2022 GMT+7

Gabriel Richau

General Director, IAB México (Spanish Only)

Developing digital competencies for the marketing, communications and advertising ecosystem

07 November 2022 GMT+7

Iván Trujillo

Institutional Relationships and Communications Manager, Grupo Argos (Spanish Only)

Marketing, reputation and busuness role

07 November 2022 GMT+7

Eduardo Durón

Founder at Big, Innovation & Marketing Engineering (Spanish Only)

Customer Experience and the C-suite

07 November 2022 GMT+7

Nicolás Ortega

Head of Marketing, Platzi (Spanish Only)

For whom do you think you create?

07 November 2022 GMT+7

Ulrick Noel

Executive Director at Entrepreneurship Institute at Tec de Monterrey (Spanish Only)

The World in 2047

07 November 2022 GMT+7

Ennio Castillo Doppler

Partners and Integrations Manager en Doppler (Spanish Only)

The power of email and Zero party data

07 November 2022 GMT+7

Eduardo Peniche

Commercial Director, Dish Media (Spanish Only)

The value of doing things right

07 November 2022 GMT+7

Juan David Ramírez C.

Corporate Communications Manager, Postobón (Spanish Only)

Hey, marketing… this is sustainability!

07 November 2022 GMT+7

Josu Garritz Alcalá

Director of the School of Communications, Universidad Anáhuac México (Spanish Only)

A detox for marketing from academia

07 November 2022 GMT+7

Elena Hurtado

Corporate Intangible Management and Strategic Communication Advisor (Spanish Only)

Managing corporate intangibles

07 November 2022 GMT+7

Germán PérezDuarte

Vicepresidente for Latin America, Nielsen (Spanish Only)

A framework to develop a digital transformation strategy

07 November 2022 GMT+7

Daniel Suárez

Director of Public Affairs, Communicaions and Sustainability, Coca Cola Company (Spanish Only)

A higher purpose as a key for sustainability success

07 November 2022 GMT+7

Julieta Loaiza

VP of Marketing, Communications and Corporate Affairs, Nestlé México (Spanish Only)

Marketing = ideas + business

07 November 2022 GMT+7

Susana Oliva

Founder and CEO, BigFoot (Spanish Only)

Brand relevance

07 November 2022 GMT+7

Iván Marchant

VP at Comscore for México, Perú, Colombia and Central America (Spanish Only)

Digial outlook in a world of data driven decisions

07 November 2022 GMT+7

Leonardo Rivera

VP Custumer Experience Kantar Mexico (Spanish Only)

Customer Experience

07 November 2022 GMT+7

Johnattan F. Bilancieri

SVP Digital Strategy (Spanish Only)

Scalability in an era of originality

07 November 2022 GMT+7

Jack Ades Cohen

General Manager Capital Digital (Spanish Only)

How to win the attention battle trough content

07 November 2022 GMT+7

Pablo Fernández

CEO, Kotler Impact Hispanoamérica (Spanish Only)

Six strategies to increase your business profitability in a hypercompetition context

07 November 2022 GMT+7

Luis Herrera Rojas

Co-founder and CEO Thrust Co (Spanish Only)

Responsive brands and companies. The new era.

07 November 2022 GMT+7

Gisela Sánchez

Regional Director of Strategy and Corporate Affairs - BAC (Spanish Only)

to-be-announced (tba)

07 November 2022 GMT+7

Camila Escobar Corredor

President, Juan Valdez (Spanish Only)

Sustainability and social purpose, keys for brand building

07 November 2022 GMT+7

Jonatan Loidi

CEO Set Consulting (Spanish Only)

to-be-announced (tba)

07 November 2022 GMT+7

Ira Kaufman

CEO Entwine Digital, USA

Does Your Business Model Really CARE?

07 November 2022 GMT+7

Philip Kotler Interview with Yoshimitsu Kaji

Future of Peace & Business

07 November 2022 GMT+7

Philip Kotler

Father of Modern Marketing

Conclusion Note

07 November 2022 GMT+7



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