Certified Professional Marketer (CPM) Asia

The CPM (Asia) certification is an exclusive recognition awarded to marketing professionals who have achieved a recognized level of competence in the field of marketing in the Asia region, both academically and practically. This certification is issued by the Asia Marketing Federation (AMF). The conferment of the CPM (Asia) certification indicates a high standard of achievement in terms of experience, knowledge, and analytical abilities related to various marketing and business issues in Asia.

The Indonesia Marketing Association (IMA) is a dedicated organization focused on advancing the marketing profession. Although initially among the 12 founding members of the Asia Pacific Marketing Federation (APMF). It achieved legal entity status on October 20, 2020.

Asia Marketing Federation (AMF) is a collaboration platform for all the marketing associations in Asia. Originally founded in 1991 as Asia Pacific Marketing Federation (APMF), it evolved into AMF in 2007.

  • Having a minimum of 5 years of experience in the field of marketing, both in practical and academic settings.
  • Completing the CPM (Asia) Qualification Exam consisting of 5 modules.
  • Registered as a member of the Asia Marketing Federation (AMF).*

*(If the candidate is already registered as a member of the Indonesia Marketing Association (IMA), they will automatically become a member of AMF. For those who are not yet registered as IMA members, membership registration can be assisted by the MarkPlus Institute).

“Our alumni are already spread across various fields of work. We will continue to enhance the quality of marketers in Indonesia by prioritizing this reputable certification for you!”

Marketing Strategy

Introduction to Marketing Strategy, Marketing Mix, Service Marketing

Marketing Research

Framework Marketing Research and Case Study

Marketing Communications

Overview of Marketing Communication, Intgrating ATL-BTL Media, Offline & Online Communication

Asia Business

The Forces of Change in ASEAN, ASEAN’s Landscape Analysis, Asia: GDP Growth Rate Trend

Asia Marketing Managements

Marketing in Asian Context, 9 Core Elements of Marketing, New Wave Marketing

Experience a dynamic learning journey spanning 5 consecutive days. Engage in enriching discussions with our experienced facilitators and access comprehensive exam preparation materials. Stay ahead of the curve by exploring the latest marketing trends in Asia, ensuring you are well-equipped to tackle even the most cutting-edge questions. Elevate your skills and knowledge with us.

Mengapa harus mengikuti CPM Asia?

Karena merupakan program sertifikasi dan pelatihan yang bergengsi. Dimana dalam proses tutorial dibawakan langsung oleh para ahli di bidangnya. Sehingga akan membekali kita agar siap berkompetisi di level Asia.
Marthani, CPM (Asia)
Chief Marketing Officer Marketeers

Apa arti CPM Asia untuk Anda?

Bagi saya. CPM Asia ini ibarat naik kelas. Pembuktian ke diri sendiri bahwa saya mampu dan bisa. Efeknya yang paling terasa pada saat pengambilan keputusan strategik, menjadi lebih terarah dan lebih percaya diri!
Wientor Rah Mada, CPM (Asia)
Director of Business and Marketing Smesco Indonesia

Mengapa CPM Asia?

CPM Asia adalah suatu pengakuan internasional dan berlaku secara global dimana dunia healthcare sudah banyak berubah. Pemasaran sangat dibutuhkan terutama saat new normal seperti saat ini, semua bersaing untuk mendapatkan strategi yang tepat itu sangat penting, dan sertifikasi CPM Asia mempelajari banyak hal terkait pemasaran khususnya yang berkembang dalam dunia kesehatan saat ini. Sangat direkomendasikan untuk mengikuti sertifikasi CPM Asia ini.
dr. Enrico Adhitya Rinaldi, MARS., MH., MM., CHRM., CPM (Asia)
Chief Executive Officer PT. Enmedicare International


International training and certification programs in the field of marketing are delivered by experts in the field.


Eligible to receive the CPM (Asia) title, which is the most prestigious marketing certification globally.


Designed for professionals and academics with more than 5 years of work experience.


Those who have completed the CPM Asia program will automatically become members of the Asia Marketing Federation (AMF).

  1. CPM registration form
  2. CPM Recommendation Letter
  3. IMA Registration Form/Membership Proof
  4. Curriculum Vitae
  5. Copy of Identification (ID Card/Passport)

Make sure you have registered yourself before April 26, 2024. Because your name will be included in the exam and must be submitted to the CPM Asia committee.

The exam will be conducted on Exam Dates: May 27 – 31, 2024.

to be announced